Notice board

Operation Officer's letter - April 2003
15 April 2003

Letter presents BFS Association’s Annual Accounts for 2002, revised Rules for BFS Association along with Revised Functional Descriptions for appointed officers within the BFS Association. We encourage all members to study said documents and we kindly ask all members that can NOT attend the AGM 2003 to cast your vote (via fax/email) concerning approval of the Annual Report 2002 along with revised rules and Functional Descriptions for the BFS IOA.

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Tech. Officer's letter - March 2003
16 March 2003

Please read Technical Officer's letter related to media-fill data and possible studies to promote BFS. We ask you to get back to us with an answer to the questions in the letter before the end of March, if possible.

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Appendix 2 - comments sent to FDA from BFS IOA
15 March 2003

March 2003 - BFS IOA board members had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Friedman and Mrs. Uratani of FDA in New Orleans and Prague, respectively. Technical Officers of the BFS IOA presented the associations comments to Appendix 2 in New Orleans and Prague PDA meetings. Read more...

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