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BFS IOA 2006 Media Filling Survey
12 May 2006

At the AGM in Strasbourg last March it was agreed to ask members for data to update our files on the media filling performance of aseptic BFS processes. These data are used by the Association in support of BFS processing wherever the opportunity arises. Please complete the table in Media Filling Survey and e-mail to BFS IOA Technical Officer, Eric Dewhurst. Thank you!

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9 March 2006

We are getting close to our 2006 AGM, and we hope you and your company will join us in Strasbourg and in our voting procedure. Typically all member companies are not present at our annual general meetings; therefore we as of last year introduced a new and hopefully more convenient way for all member companies to cast their vote, via proxy (letter vote). In this way, we can concentrate our meetings on the more interesting technical presentations and getting together and share experiences rather than using time on administrative matters. To get in a position to take decisions around the voting issues, we need to have most of our member companies active in the voting process. Please help us in that respect and send in the letter vote latest by March 25th.

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Membership information for BFS IOA
9 January 2006

During the year, we have noted some confusion around the BFS IOA membership system. The board would therefore like to take the opportunity to explain the details around our membership and its implications.

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