BFS IOA membership is a company membership allowing each company to nominate unlimited number of employees to be registered as users of BFS IOA. Further, companies can send one or more representatives to each BFS IOA meeting. Standard membership is a regional membership covering America, Asia/Pacific or Europe. A regional member is able to join any meeting organized by BFS IOA.

Companies with global operations can apply for vendor membership that will cover all their global operations across all regions.

Membership fee

Annual membership fee for 2023 are as follows and covers the period from January 1 - December 31, 2023.

  • Operator membership (OEM/CMO, regional):       EUR/USD 1750,- (America, Asia/Pacific OR Europe)
  • Vendor membership (global):                               EUR/USD 3500,-

Limitation on meeting participation

Please download announcement on participant limitation valid from 2022.

Application forms

Please download below PDF or Word file to apply for membership 2023.

  • Registration form for operator membership (word)
  • Registration form for vendor membership (word)

Please use below link to access form to apply for log-in to BFS IOA Extranet.