Letter from the Officer of Operation
September 2003

Dear BFS friends

The summer vacation is over and my company (Melitek) has successfully moved from our former premises to a completely new-built factory. You are welcome to visit Melitek’s homepage on www.melitek.com for further information. The moving of the company has of course caused some technical problems and delays which I deeply regret. However, I hope that we have been able to provide you with an acceptable service even during this difficult and busy time.

BFS/PDA Seminar in Woodstock, USA

Now to business, the BFS/PDA seminar at Cardinal Healthcare, on September 18 – 19, 2003 is fully booked and we hope that this seminar will open up for new potential members.

Asian meeting in New Delhi, India

The Asian meeting is taking place from October 6 - 8, 2003 in New Delhi with a two days’ training seminar where we will repeat the BFS/PDA seminar.

At present, 35 persons have registered (of which 16 come from India) and we know that a couple of companies are working on getting a visa to Indiain order to be able to participate.

I kindly encourage all our Asian members to participater and hurry up with your registration!

Changes in the BFS organisation

There have been some changes in the organisation; the Global Chairman, Mr Goetz Reiner, has got a new job which unfortunately forces him to leave the BFS organisation due to the fact that Mr Reiner’s new company is not involved in the BFS technology.

The Board has decided that the Global Technical Officer, Mr Anders Löfgren, will work as acting chairman up to the first coming AGM.

Eric Dewhurst, IVAX, UK, who has been working as Appointed Officer for technical issues, has accepted to join the Board up to the first coming AGM.

For several years, the undersigned has been warning about my retirement as Officer of Operation. The Board has agreed that I will retire at the first coming AGM. For practical reasons (e.g. the BFS organisation’s homepage, Melitek’s treasurer function etc.), the Board is suggesting Mr Jesper Laursen to be candidate for the position as Officer of Operation.

However, we kindly ask all members to consider other candidates for the vacant positions giving you the possibility to make a vote.

Cooperation with PDA

As already informed at the AGM in Manchester, PDA requests to change the membership of the BFS organisation to individual membership. We are working on a draft for new rules which will be up for discussion and vote at the first coming AGM.

Finally, once again I kindly ask you to make a reservation for the October meeting in New Delhi. Furthermore, you are welcome to make a pre-registration for the AGM on March 6 – 7, 2004 in Orlando. Please see separate scheduled meeting activities.

Hope to see you in Delhior Orlando!

Best regards,

Svend-Axel Laursen
Officer of Operation