Minutes of Meeting
BFS AGM in Manchester April 28 -30,2003

Introduction and welcome to the audience by the Chairman of the BFS International Operators Association, Dr. Götz Reiner.

Report from the Technical Officer, Dr. Anders Löfgren:

The technical document “points to consider” was rewritten and finalised. Further comments are accepted due the fact, that the file is a living document. The actual situation of the FDA draft aseptic paper was described. A letter with comments was sent to the FDA. The programs for the training seminars in Chicago (Cardinal Healthcare) and India(Ahlcon) were introduced.

Report from the Officer of Operation, Mr Svend-Axel Laursen:

The Annual Report for 2002 was presented. The members and the Board accepted the report by vote.
The budget for 2003 was presented. The members and the Board accepted the budget by vote.
A new auditor was introduced (Price Waterhousecoopers) due to lower financial costs. The members and the Board accepted the new auditor by vote.

Dr. Götz Reiner presented the revision of the Rules for the Pharmaceutical BFS Operators Association: Svend Axel Laursen informed about the cooperation with PDA and the BFS Operators association has to change from company membership to individual membership. It was decided to request the board to work out a new proposal with this adjustment and send out for vote as soon as possible.

The organisation could support the PDA for BFS issues. A BFS interest group can be represented by the BFS group at the PDA meetings.

Patrick Poisson said it would be possible for non-members to join the meetings by paying a fee. This should also be stated in the rules. The Board will make proposals for revision and implementing.

Job descriptions:

New job descriptions for the Chairman; Technical/Scientific Officer; Officer of Training/Education; Officer of Operation/Communication and Appointed Officers were written.
The members and the Board had no further comments and agreed to the proposals.

Vote of Officers by members with no vote against:

  • Dr. Götz Reiner was voted Chairman.
  • Dr. Martin Haerer was voted Officer of Training/Education for two more years.
  • Dr. Anders Löfgren was voted Technical Officer for one more year.
  • Mr Svend Axel Laursen was voted Officer of Operation/Communication for one more year.
  • Appointed Officers were voted:
  • Arjun Ramrakhyani for the Western Chamber
  • Eric Dewhurst to support the Technical Officer
  • Prem Kumar and Mr. Sathe for India
  • Jesper Laursento support the Officer of Operation

Different issues:

The questionnaire sent out by PQRI should be circulated among the members or put on the web page.

The comments of the PQRI group to the FDA draft aseptic paper should be circulated or put on the web page.

The Technical Officer should revise the PQRI questionnaire specifically for the BFS user and send out to members for answering.

The possibility of a discussion group for the web page was discussed. Jesper Laursen agreed and will check the possibilities and costs.

Dr. Martin Haerer
Officer of Training/Education