CFDA arranged a training seminar on BFS technology for Chinese inspectors and BFS operators to to increase the knowledge about BFS technology to ensure safe quality BFS products in China. The seminar, that was supported by BFS IOA, was held on March 21, 2018 in Kunming, China.

Please click on the titles below in order to download presentations from the seminar. 

BFS IOA Training Seminar 2018   - By Peter Åkerman, BFS IOA Chairman

Introduction, Background and History of BFS Technology- By Martin Haerer, Regulatory Officer BFS

Regulatory Aspects of BFS Production including Environmental Monitoring- By Martin Haerer, Regulatory Officer BFS IOA

Qualification and Validation of a BFS-Installation including CIP/SIP - By Christoph Bohn and Stefan Kiesel, Rommelag

Validation of aseptic fill process- By Stefan Kiesel, Rommelag

Steam Sterilization of BFS containers in Autoclaves- By Peter Åkerman, AstraZeneca

BFS Machine Maintenance - By Christoph Bohn, Rommelag

Downstream handling and Secondary Packaging for BFS containers – some considerations- By Peter Åkerman, AstraZeneca

Filling of heat sensitive products / biologicals with BFS equipment- By Stefan Kiesel, Rommelag