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Past Events

7 - 8 April 2011
European meeting 2011 | Como, Italy

BFS IOA European meeting & AGM 2011 was held by beautiful Lake Como in Italy on April 7-8th. Lake Como is very famous for its breathtaking landscapes, its hundred historical villas surrounded by huge gardens, its shopping and cafés.

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29 - 30 November 2010
Asia/Pacific meeting 2010 | Hong Kong

BFS IOA Asia/Pacific meeting 2010 was held in the fascinating metropol of Hong Kong.

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16 - 17 September 2010
American meeting 2010 | Washington DC, USA

The BFS IOA annual American meeting 2010 was held in the beautiful city of Washington, USA in conjunction with PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference 2010 in Washington DC.

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14 - 16 April 2010
European meeting 2010 | Paris, France

Our BFS IOA European meeting & AGM 2010 was held in beautiful Paris on April 14-16. In conjunction to the meeting, there was a tour at BFS plant of BOIRON, located close to Euro Disney.

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26 - 27 November 2009
Asia/Pacific 2009 meeting | Goa, India

BFS IOA Asia/Pacific meeting was held in Goa, India.

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