New website features

  • New design with improved visibility on newer browsers and tablet computers
  • Possibility for online meeting registration
  • Access to presentations from past meetings via timeline view 
  • Search function to better find relevant past presentations (reloading and tagging of all past presentations are on-going right now, thus is therefore not fully up running yet).
  • Presentations are tagged with topics that allow advanced search on topics (tagging is on going right now and is therefore not fully up running yet - for example, please see presentations from Berlin 2013 meeting).
  • Improved discussion forum for members
  • The new website is powered by new modern CMS system that will allow us to add new features as these are introduced.

Need Pictures!

The new design of the website will enable us to use pictures more vividly and we will therefore start to chase our members for pictures to use on the website – we hereby encourage members to share pictures from your BFS production or of your BFS products that we could show on website to illustrate the BFS technology to members and non-members. We will also enjoy getting good pictures taken from different meetings that could be selectively posted on the website.

We hope you will appreciate the new website and you will share it with your colleges.

Kind regards

Jesper Laursen
Officer of Operation, BFS IOA
September 2013