BFS IOA NEWSLETTER - February 2005


Dear BFS member,

We are getting close to our next AGM, and we hope you and your company will join us in Barcelona and in our voting procedure. As you aware, not all member companies are always present at our annual general meetings, and we are now introducing a new and hopefully more convenient way for all member companies to cast their vote, via proxy (letter vote). In this way, we can concentrate our meetings on the more interesting technical presentations and getting together and share experiences. To get in a position to take decisions around the voting issues, we need to have most of our member companies active in the voting process. Please help us in that respect and send in the letter vote well in advance of deadline.

The BFS IOA board will convene in the morning for a special AGM board meeting and summarise the results of the voting which will be communicated to the members right after lunch when we start the AGM.

No member motions have reached the board, so the voting this year concerns:

  1. Election of Officer of Education and Training
    - Board nominate Martin Haerer, who accept to continue for another term
  2. Revision of BFS IOA rules - Get revised rules >>>
  3. Financial report and budget
    - will be circulated shortly (together with voting form)

Looking forward to see you all in beautiful Barcelona, Spain during their lovely Spring time. Join us to hear about how the new FDA aseptic guidelines should be implemented, news about ISO and EMEA, new types of filters and an exciting study on the non-viable particle generation of BFS machines.

Voting form and financial report 2004 and budget 2005 will be sent out shortly!


BFS meeting and AGM in Barcelona, Spain on March 9-10, 2005

We are pleased to invite all members to BFS meeting and AGM that will be held at Hotel Meliá Barcelona in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain on March 9-10, 2005. Please book your calendar already now for this meeting which will feature following topics:

March 9 - Day 1 (11:00 - 15:30)

  • Registration & Lunch
  • Welcome by BFS Global Chairman
  • Outcome of voting and financial report 2004
  • Report Officer of Training and Education
  • Report by Technical Officer
  • Update on ISO 13408-1 revision and EU guidance incorporation
  • GMP compliant Integrity testing after Sterilisation using Millipore Millibarrier Filter
  • Barcelonasightseeing and Dinner (Further Details will be published)

March 10 - Day 2 (9:00 - 12:45)

  • Methods to determine bioburden on polymer resin
  • Implementation of FDA aseptic guidance in BFS
  • Particle assessment of BFS machines, final results
  • Presentation on “concept paper” of PDA Journal Technical report on BFS
  • AGM Wrap-up and conclusions

Get preliminary agenda >>>

Registration forms will be published and sent out shortly. Please notice that there will be a conference fee for participating in the BFS meeting and AGM in Barcelona. The fee will in addition to the conference itself, include hotel stay (1 night) incl. breakfast, lunch, dinner and tour. More details will be on registration form.

PLEASE NOTE that it is NO longer possible to participate at BFS meetings and seminars as non-member!


Chairman’s report for 2004

BFS IOA’s chairman, Anders Löfgren, summarize 2004 and comment on BFS IOA continued work in 2005. Read more >>>


BFS IOA – Technical Officer and Officer of Training and Education report for 2004

BFS IOA’s Technical Officer, Eric Dewhurst, and Officer of Training and Education, Martin Haerer, summarize 2004 activities and comment on BFS IOA continued work in 2005. Read more >>>


We hope to see you in Barcelona or getting your vote on AGM matters by fax/email.

February 2, 2005

Anders Löfgren - Chairman
Eric Dewhurst - Technical Officer
Martin Haerer - Officer of Training and Education
Jesper Laursen - Officer of Operation