Patrick Poisson

VP, Manufacturing Fill/Finish
United Therapeutics Corp
1040 Spring Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Ph: 240.821.1637
Fax: 301.608.0376

I believe with my background in aseptic processing I can make a positive contribution to the group and assist with growing the influence of the organization. .

  • 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Genentech, Cardinal Health (fka ALP), RxElite and United Therapeutics with 16 of those years having direct involvement with BFS manufacturing.
  • Extensive background in product development, validation, and regulatory affairs.
  • Direct experience with multiple governmental regulatory bodies including, but not limited to, FDA, MHRA, EMEA, HPB (Canada), TGA (Australia) and AFSSAPS (France).
  • Author or Co-Author of 8 published technical articles, 4 of which were peer reviewed, that relate to BFS technology and its use in aseptic packaging of drug products.
  • Named inventor on 3 international drug delivery design/use patents, two of which are still pending.
  • Frequent technical speaker on BFS technology with PDA, ISPE and other professional organizations.
  • Current member of the ISPE Sterile Products Community of Practice Board.
  • Former technical officer for the BFS IOA.
  • Familiar with both Weiler Engineering and Rommelag BFS equipment.

In addition I am in close proximity to both FDA and PDA which could be leveraged to the benefit of the BFS IOA